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Hole Opener is a leading name in borehole drilling. We have products specially built to expand the well bore beyond the original hole size drilled by the bit.
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  • RHO

    The HOC RHO is the most versatile and cost effective fixed diameter hole opener in the oilfield industry. It is designed to reduce inventory needs and costs. The RHO is a variable size fixed diameter hole opener with interchangeable arms and cutters. The arms and cutters are designed in size matching pairs that may be used to create a different hole size in another size RHO body. The arms and cutters are designed in standard 2" increments and can open as many as 8 standard hole sizes.

    Features and Benefits:

    • The RHO line is designed to open hole size 7-7/8" through 64" using nine different standard body sizes.
    • The cutters are carried on the body of the tool and are retained by arms that are held in position with large load screws and backed up by locking screws.
    • Each properly torqued load screws exert over 250,000 ft. lb of clamping force.
    • Efficient hole cleaning due to a multitude of uniquely placed jets.
    • Eliminates need for consumable inventory and the need for size specific bodies. Cutter arms are hard faced for longer life and extended wear.
    • All cutters are Sealed Bearing with pressure compensating actuator to ensure cutter bearings are continually being lubricated.

    Cutting Structures available include:

    1. Sealed Bearing Uninterrupted Mill Tooth
    2. Sealed Bearing Interrupted Mill Tooth
    3. Sealed Bearing TCI
    4. PDC
    5. HOC's ADD Cutter
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