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Underreaming is defined as the process of enlarging a wellbore past its originally drilled size. We have the tools to make the process easy and cost effective.

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  • Drilling Type Underreamer (DTU)

    The HOC DTU Underreamer has gone through several changes and modifications to adapt to the ever changing drilling applications and environments.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Long proven history with over 2.5 million feet underreamed worldwide.
    • Expansion ratios 70% and larger than the OD of the body.
    • Hydraulically expandable with pump pressure.
    • Cutter arms move upward and out simultaneously in the body.
    • Fail safe cutter arm retraction.
    • Reverse actuating mechanism maintains that tool is open while drill string weight prohibits tool closure.
    • Unrestricted flow through ID.
    • Roller cone cutters are specifically designed for the HOC DTU underreamers and are consistent with down hole diameters.
    • Body machined from heat-treated steel bar, giving it exceptional strength.
    • Jet nozzles near the cutters allow for cutter washing and cooling.
    • Cutting Structures available include:
      1. Sealed Bearing Mill Tooth
      2. Sealed Bearing TCI
      3. PDC
      4. HOC's ADD Cutter

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